4 Things Europeans Love About America

[This is part 2 of 2, see part 1: “What Europeans Hate about America“]

Ingvar and I studied together in Sweden back in 2010. I was skyping with him one day, and we were talking about what Europeans think of Americans. His perspective was interesting, so I asked him to put it into an article to publish on here. He kindly agreed and it’s published here with almost no edits to preserve authenticity.

Enter Ingvar.

What Europeans Love about America

hollywood1. Hollywood

As we are not working so much as you do, we have more free time to watch movies. And all the epic movies are coming from Hollywood. I think over 95% of the movies that run in Estonian cinemas are from Hollywood. Seriously, if some maniac would burn down the Hollywood, he would make a chaos in Europeans pass-time activities.

2. NBA and NHL

Although you like some goofy sports like baseball and American football, thanks to LeBron James, I forgive you. By the way, did you know that of the Top 5 NHL players, 2 are from Russia and 3 are from Canada? Seriously, where are your own players? And stop hating LeBron James, he is my main man in the USA.

3. Old American carsog-cadillac

From 1960 to 1980 you made just incredible Cadillacs, absolutely legendary. And then we didn’t had a clew that some day in the future we can become short of oil, so it was not a sin to make such cars.

Walker-Texas-Ranger4. All the iconic idols

No, I’m not talking about JFK or Ronald Reagan, no. I’m talking about characters who are immortals – Walker the Texas Ranger, Michael Knight and his KITT car, MacGyver, the A-Team, Mitch Buchannon and smoking hot C.J, Al Bundy and so on and on. And if you would ask people from ex-Soviet countries, that why do they like or dislike America, the answer would be actually the one that is used in the movie EuroTrip: “I love America! Miami Vice, number one new show.”

That’s all, folks

That’s it lads! I’ve already worked 2 months of our ‘3 months long summer’, so it’s already more than enough and I’m going to have a EuroTrip in The Balkans. Take your time for one night and watch the movie EuroTrip. Totally underrated in the IMDB.

[A Note from Stephen: Thanks Ingvar! Don’t miss the first post on “What Europeans Hate about America”.]

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