Midnight Yell cover

5 things we learned from crashing Midnight Yell

By John Arnold

1. Texas A&M fans know how to spell

And boy, do they sure love to show you how well they can spell. Normally this wouldn’t be that impressive, but who knows if Clemson fans can spell.

2. The Yell Leaders may or may not have taken dance lessons from NSYNC

Nothing like a row of guys in overalls doing coordinated dances to get the people going.

Midnight Yell cover
Gamecock fans outnumbered the Aggies at their famous Midnight Yell

3. They’re not actually good at their own cheers

The A&M fans didn’t seem to know their own cheers.  For a fan base that loves to practice them so much, you would think they would be better at them.

4. The alumni are poor event planners

Planning the Midnight Yell at a spot that’s a five minute walk from campus and the Vista? Planning it on the steps of the state house about fifty feet from where a Confederate flag still waves? Yeah, I think that was a bad idea.

5. The Yell Leaders are poor stand up comics

Between rounds of spelling and yelling “Texas” and “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” one of the yell leaders would go up and tell jokes about South Carolina.  Well, at least I think they were supposed to be jokes.  No one would confuse those guys with Chris Rock or Jerry Seinfeld that’s for sure.

  • Dr. Derp

    you need a mulligan, brah.
    it’s the first year; I won’t mind.