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Garnet Report is written by a group of USC students with a passion to produce the most engaging Gamecock stories the web has to offer.

Our goal for Garnet Report is simple. We want to tell you a compelling story. If you know about something coming up, let us know!

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Our story

Garnet Report hasn’t always been in the form we know and love today. When we first launched in January of 2012, things were quite different.

Our original idea was to make Garnet Report a one-stop-shop for USC students to get news, see cool stuff from around the Internet and stay up to speed on what was happening both inside and outside the campus bubble. So we started sending daily emails full of links to stories from around the Internet. It sounded like a great idea in the beginning, and we got some pretty positive responses. But as time went by, people started to discover that daily emails get pretty old pretty quickly. We had an existential crisis, and we struggled to decide how we wanted to move forward and whether it was even worth it to continue.

Then, in June of 2012, our big break came. One of our writers applied for College World Series credentials on a whim. Much to everyone’s surprise, he got them. He found a way to Omaha, Neb., on his own dime and wrote a bevy of articles on the Gamecocks’ run to the championship series against Arizona. Our Twitter blew up. Our pageviews did, too. And we’d found our new format: a sports-first site dedicated to bringing our readers the best, most engaging USC content on the Internet.

After spending the fall of 2012 covering fashion as well, we decided to focus our efforts on only sports moving forward. We hired a slew of new writers and started pumping out more content than we ever imagined being able to produce. Our goal is to become a vital part of the Carolina community, to ripen into a must-read website for any Gamecock fan. And with your help, we’ll get there.