Garnet Report’s 2012 USC Football Season Preview

football-coverToday is the big day! Garnet Report’s 2012 USC Football Season Preview is available for download!

In anticipation for what may be the biggest season in Gamecock history, we are releasing the Garnet Report 2012 Football Season Preview. This PDF covers the Gamecocks on two levels. First, if you’re new to the Gamecocks, we’ve included some helpful information to get you up to speed. Can’t Miss Games (page 21), and USC’s Important Players (page 9) are for you. It will catch you up on the basics.

In Depth Coverage

If you consider yourself an avid Gamecock, don’t be dismayed! We’ve covered our roster in depth. Everything from Quarterbacks to the D-Line. Major players, new entrants, and young guys who are poised to jump onto the scene.

Plus, there is an update on each SEC team. Our conference is more important than ever with the entrance of two new teams – Missou and Texas A&M. And we picked the seven most important offseason moments around the NCAA (Penn State, The Honey Badger, Bobby Petrino, etc.) to set the scene for this year.

The Preview includes…

  • Our prediction for the 2012 season
  • USC’s Important Players
  • 7 Questions Facing the Gamecocks
  • Unit Preview – Offense & Defense
  • Key Offseason Moments
  • SEC East and West Preview
  • USC’s Own Tebows – an Interview with Connor Shaw, T.J. Johnson, and LB Dantzler.
  • Update on the Farmer’s Market
  • And more!
This preview is the best way to get yourself ready for this season. From page 13:

Shaw is one of the most efficient quarterbacks in college football, completing 65.4% of his passes with a QB rating of 148.33. Last year he finished second on the team with 525 yards on the ground.

Incoming freshman Brendan Nosovitch was a PARADE All-American his senior year of high school, and he could very well be the quarterback of the future.

From page 22:

How does a win-and-you’re-in scenario in the last conference game of the season sound? Carolina could very well find themselves in that situation at home against Arkansas, with a win guaranteeing them an SEC East championship and a chance to play for the conference title in Atlanta.

Finally page 35:

Mercifully, the SEC agreed that an annual Arkansas-Missouri football matchup makes more sense than Arkansas-South Carolina, paving the way for USC to play Texas A&M each season starting next year.

There you go. Those were for free. Actually, the whole report is for free. Here’s what you need to do to get it.

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