Photo Gallery: Farmer’s Market Construction Update

For years, Gamecock fans have been imploring the Athletics Department to purchase the Farmer’s Market, an eyesore situated directly across Bluff Road from the stadium’s west stands. Fans finally got their wish, as the site has been transformed into a beautiful parking lot that will host thousands of happy Gamecocks on Saturdays this fall.

USC Farmer's Market 1
View from the west side of Williams-Brice
USC Farmer's Market 2
The entire lot is already sold out
USC Farmer's Market 3
Looking toward the practice fields
USC Farmer's Market 4
These three trees are the only features that weren’t razed
USC Farmer's Market 5
Amphitheater on the Bluff Road side
USC Farmer's Market 6
Back parking area
USC Farmer's market 7
One of the buildings near the front of the area
USC Farmer's Market 8
The area the team will walk through on their way to the stadium on game days

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Randall Stewart

Randall is a senior at USC majoring in Sport and Entertainment Management. He's spent three seasons covering high school football for various newspapers, spent 11 days in Omaha covering the 2012 College World Series, and has had articles appear in seven different newspapers. Even Clemson's student paper. Which is probably either the high or low point of his career.