USC’s Student Section Is an Embarrassment

Dear USC students,

I am officially done trying to be reasonable.

Exactly one month ago, I wrote this column explaining why I believe students should be packing into Williams-Brice Stadium and staying until the final seconds every time the Gamecocks take the field. I wrote about the many lean years the program had gone through and the phenomenal athletes who now wear the garnet and black of South Carolina. I tried to be understanding and calm about the large numbers of students who leave games long before the clock has expired.

No longer. The time has come to tell the truth; South Carolina’s student section is an absolute joke.

USC led Vanderbilt 28-10 at halftime on Saturday night, which meant that students had seen all they needed to see. The section emptied in a matter of minutes, as Gamecock “fans” poured out of the stadium. There was just one small problem; Vanderbilt, unlike South Carolina’s students, realized that a collegiate football game lasts four quarters and mounted a comeback. Which is how the Gamecocks found themselves fighting for an SEC victory in front of a student section roughly the size of an introductory theatre course.

All I’ve ever heard is how loyal Gamecock fans are. How they stick with their team through thick and thin, how they are always there in good times and bad. If anyone ever says something like that to me again, I will call them a liar. South Carolina’s students have proven without a shadow of a doubt that the Gamecocks do not have the best fan base in the country, or the conference or even in the state.

I’ve been to Clemson for ACC games and South Carolina is, in my opinion, a much more enjoyable experience inside the stadium. USC’s chants are more diverse, the band is louder, the play-by-play environment is superior. But when it comes to student sections, Clemson wipes the floor with USC. The Tiger students are raucous and rabid and they stay put until the game ends. South Carolina may be dominating the series on the field, but Clemson students own the stadium battle.

All of those students must have been photoshopped into this picture
This picture was clearly taken in the first half of a game. USC never has this many students around after halftime.

Gamecock students are in the midst of the golden age of South Carolina football and they are too spoiled/inebriated to care. If I were an opposing quarterback in the SEC, I would love coming to Columbia. If you survive the first half, there won’t be any student noise to deal with in the final 30 minutes. You can march your offense into the teeth of what should be the rowdiest section in Williams-Brice Stadium and not even have to raise your voice. Kentucky, Mississippi State and Florida have to be licking their chops at the opportunity to audible at the goal line because South Carolina’s joke of a student section can do nothing to stop them.

And if other teams around the conference aren’t taking notice, USC’s players certainly are. Connor Shaw, the winningest quarterback in the history of the South Carolina football program, called out the “fans” following the game.

“I don’t think there’s any excuse for out stands to be emptying out,” Shaw said. “I was kind of disappointed about that.”

Shaw has never lost a home game as a starting quarterback, boasting a 12-0 record as a starter at Williams-Brice Stadium. It’s also likely that he’s never seen the student section full in the fourth quarter of any of those 12 wins. South Carolina’s student section is so dismal that the quarterback who has won more conference games than anyone in the history of the program felt compelled to say something about its pathetic performance.

Mike Davis, a sophomore tailback who was likely told that USC had great “fans” during his recruitment to South Carolina, also noted the large number of students that were disguised as empty bleachers in the second half.

“Our fans, they help us out a lot, they come out and support us,” Davis said after large numbers of those “fans” missed the majority of the second half. “We’re glad the student section stayed all the way through the game.”

At that point, the entire press conference burst into laughter.

Student section, your quarterback is calling you out and your running back is mocking you. Of course, I doubt you care. As long as you can make a brief appearance in the first half, try not to pass out, then leave during the halftime presentation to plan your night in Five Points, I’m sure you couldn’t care less what the players who sacrifice all year long to represent you and your school think.

And if anyone uses the “team stopped playing well in the second half, so why should I stay” argument, they should lose their speaking privileges. Because comparing college football players having a less-than-stellar half to students who are unable to stand a watch a football game using a ticket that they received without being charged or having to camp out in tents is beyond idiotic.

I enjoy sitting in the press box because I love my job, but I miss being able to sit with my friends and watch football without having to do any work. I had hoped that, at least once this year, I would be able to be in the student section for a game. Now, I’m not sure I even want to be there to witness the embarrassment that the section brings to the school.

Before the season began, ESPN compiled a list of the top 20 student sections in the country. Schools like Maryland, Cincinnati, SMU and Harvard made this list. I heard many Gamecock students complain that South Carolina was left off.

South Carolina wouldn’t crack a list of the top 100. USC doesn’t have a student section, it has a bunch of seats where students meet up for half an hour and then leave. The section is a complete and total embarrassment to the South Carolina football program.

Maybe a few more 1-10 seasons will get the students to stick around.

Because, apparently, winning every home game isn’t enough.

Published by

Rixon Lane

Rixon is a senior at USC majoring in Broadcast Journalism. He hosts a sports-talk radio show on 90.5 FM on Thursday nights from 8-10 and served as the sports editor at The Daily Gamecock during the summers of 2012 and 2013. He also traveled to Omaha to cover the Gamecock baseball team during their 2012 CWS run. He has been spotted by ESPN cameras during the College World Series in 2010 and 2011 and at multiple USC basketball games. He attributes this feat to intense camera-pattern strategy, expressive body language and a total lack of shame.

  • David Stephens

    So true. its embarrassing really. its too much of a social event for the greeks and northerners

    • No Name

      Coming from a “sorority girl”… I never left a game early and most my fellow sorority sisters didn’t leave games early so don’t go trying to blame the “greeks.” The greeks don’t completely make up the 1500 student seats that went missing last Saturday night. It’s a problem with the student section as a whole.

      • David

        Not saying its all of them, but there is a much higher ratio of greek students who leave.

    • Anon

      As a Greek and a Northerner who stays until the end of the game, I find this offensive. Our student section as a whole has been an embarrassment. Let’s not lay blame on two specific groups.

    • Northerner

      Apparently you’ve never been to a football game in the north. If you had, you would know that we don’t leave games. We love football. Our girls wear jeans, sweatshirts and face paint, not black cocktail dresses and high heels that you can’t stand up in all night. Our guys cheer on our teams (winning or losing) until they their voices are horse. I’m sure there is a large part of the student population this is born and raised right here in South Carolina.

      • Also a Northerner

        Jeans, sweatshirts, and face paint would be a bit uncomfortable in the Columbia heat..

      • Josue

        Hoarse. That would be the proper spelling.

      • Cocky

        Go back home and

      • ForeverToThee

        Honestly northern football sucks. Rarely a good ball player comes outta the North. Thats not me being mean its just statistics. I’m a Gamecock, now a Gamecock Dad & a multi year booster. They need to allow reentry at half time. You kids haven’t heard of pocket shots?? Jeez! Stay in there and prove this guy wrong! I think he’d actually love it! Go Cocks!!

    • Rebecca

      You know how students who accept a ticket and don’t show up for the game lose their privileges for the rest of the season? I feel that there should be some form of check out when you leave the student section, and if you leave before the beginning of the 4th you should no longer be able to grab lower deck tickets for the rest of the season. I see the same people getting the lower deck section and all of which leave early when there are students, such as myself and many others, who would enjoy to just be down there but we don’t have the “loyalty points” adequate enough to gain those seats. I watch the student section clear out and every game i’ve been to, and to say the least i’ve been utterly disgusted. I’d give anything to have those tickets, and those students need to learn to appreciate them or lose their privileges, since most of which are already over privileged I don’t think they’ll be missing those seats too much.

  • Chris

    First and foremost, I agree with 90% of what you have said. Its something that has irked me since the 2011 season. Students have seen USC’s rise since 2009 and how myself and other alumni at the time made the Cockpit, and made Sandstorm the song to be feared across the nation. I don’t know when it changed, I’ll pin point it at the start of the 2012 season. That was the first time I noticed a substantial difference in an intensity, and as you said people beginning to leave early. As a former student athlete, and rabid Gamecock fans this ticks me off.

    HOWEVER, the one point of contention I will say, is that when players like Mike Davis were recruited here, and up until last year, our Stadium has been one of those “Feared” stadium. It has shown flashes of it in games like Georgia, or UT, and it will be intense when Clemson and Florida roll into town this year. I think it is unfair to say “Clemson wipes the floor” with USC, as I would be interested to see how they are when playing SC State, or other easy win teams.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m PISSED about this, and would be the first to lead the charge if it could help keep these spoiled kids in their seats.

    Come On Gamecock Nation

    • David

      I grew up and went to school in the southeast, and I’ve visited a number of games at different stadiums. I happened to help run the cables for ESPN at a game in Williams-Brice game and it was a solid experience, but it definitely didn’t stand out the way other stadiums have. I’ve never heard of Williams-Brice being a “feared stadium,” and outside of the state of SC no one else thinks it is either. You play in the SEC and so you’re expected to have an intimidating home atmosphere. But aside from the UGA game last year, it’s never stood out from other SEC venues. I would say the swamp, LSU, UGA, UT, Auburn and Alabama would constitute the traditionally “feared” SEC stadiums when their teams good that year, and I would throw in Clemson and Doak-Campbell from the ACC, too. So in short, I would say that this article is pretty much entirely correct.

      • Stuart

        Thursday night vs. Ole Miss 2009. The birth of Sandstorm. That was when we were at the peak. It’s been pretty bad since ’12 tho.

    • Rick

      Sandstorm….feared across the nation? Yeah, I think not. It’s actually laughed at by most people. It’s techno.

    • Chuck – Alumni

      I date a Clem girl and have been to every game this year for both USC and Clemson. The environments are like night and day. Clemson wants to prove something and their fans (students, alumni, players, vendors, etc) are rabid. Yes, I was there for SC State and they didn’t let up (did leave early to get to our game in Athens). Imagine if our fans had been pushing our guys for all 60 minutes Saturday. 60-0 wouldn’t have seemed out of the question. Instead we’re looking at a pick in the endzone to prevent the game from being a 3 point contest. I was livid at the complacency. I’ve been around 30 years folks and this is the time we have all been waiting for!!!! Get your freakin’ Gamecock on and ;et’s rule the Roost! – Chuck

    • JOE

      The Clemson student section was just as packed before and after the sc state game

      • Davis F

        That’s because no victory is ever certain for Clemson. Furman could give you as much trouble as Florida State.

      • TheTruth

        This being said while Clemson is #3 and South Carolina is on the outside looking in while Vandy almost made their game more uncertain than SC State ever did Clemson. The only games Clemson lost last year were ranked teams…

    • Jack

      Chris, just like to point out that, for the record, I saw the Clemson SC State game and it was a packed stadium the whole way through. It was a sellout- no tickets left- for one of their smallest games.

    • Davis F

      I watched all of you come to Athens last week, drunk, rowdy and belligerent. The students definitely stayed at home though, because the meager crowd of Carolina fans were leaving the game the same time I was, well after the clock ran out. I would just say it’s the youth of today, but that just isn’t true. I watched the UGA student section stand (in cocktail dresses and sport coats) for 3 hours in the afternoon sun screaming their heads off the entire time. Sorry South Carolina, but this isn’t a cultural problem or a regional problem…you just have weak students.

  • Knchls

    Maybe if USC would give out the tickets fairly. Giving it to loyal fans based on a points system. Clearly the majority go to watch some and then finish their partying outside of the game. I would love to go to the games, but being a re-admit from another USC campus doesn’t help a senior to get into any of the games. I was a loyal fan to my USC Spartans. Shame on you!

    • Bryan

      That’s actually exactly how the tickets are given out. A loyalty system based on the points one accumulates for going to sporting events.

    • Joey H

      I totally agree with this its an absolute joke. I paid about 200 to go to the nc game and as we were waiting in line to get in I kept watching students walk in and right back out. I got to the front a guy stepped out cause he didnt have a ticket. I offered one free cause I had an extra. He declinded saying they were coming back out they just wanted their loyalty points. I was mad. They wasted their seats when I paid a lot for mine. If you want to give out loyalty points. Scan in when when arrive and when u leave. More points the longer you stay. There is nothing loyal about walking in and out of the game. I am completely embarrassed as a student and current employee of the university. If u want to go to the game go to the game. If you want to party stay out in the parking lot. Enjoy the luxury while u have it. Sooner than later you will have to pay to get in and then all u will complain about is the price. I really hope Tanner does something.

  • USC student

    Your article is absurd. It’s not just a student issue. Even Donors left early. There weren’t 80,000 fans left at the end of the game. Students make up 1/8 of the attendance. So stop trying to say it is all just students. Fans from all sections were leaving early. This is an industry issue and not just a USC. I’m a student and stayed the whole game. I am tired of seeing people put blame on the students. It happens everywhere and there isn’t anything that they can do about it. Some people were saying since the students left the team didn’t do as well. If the players can’t play for 60minutes and do bad because the students are there, they need to get off the field.

    • USCAlum92

      Sure, some people (outside of the students) leave early, but when at least 60-70% of the student section leaves early, its a damn disgrace. Students have NO IDEA how lucky they are to get free tickets, and see a winning team. What probably aggravates me the most is after the game, I walked back to my car with my family, and there was PLENTY of students in the parking lot, drinking and partying.. Couldn’t it wait 60-90 minutes to have a beer? Guess not.

      • Bryan

        Those tickets aren’t “free”.

    • PalmettoCPA

      Incorrect. I sit in Section 13 (South End Zone) and have a great view of the entire stadium. Even the old blue-hairs in the West Lower stayed through the game. The rest of the stadium was great, even East Upper was full. Everything except the corner (formerly) occupied by students.

      • Concerned fan for EVERYONE!

        I was able to witness the mass exodus of fans in the West Gates during the 3rd and beginning of the 4th quarter. So it is not just the students. I am a regular fan standing up for the students. I do not agree with students leaving early. But it is not right to blame just the students. The student section is one focal point. If you add up the empty seats every where else it would be greater than the students.

        Don’t let people break you down students. Stay strong

      • 2008 Gamecock

        I’m in the West Lower and I’m not a blue hair! LOL! But I see your point. As a student at SC I rarely used my student ticket because I had a ticket to the Lower West Stands so I felt it best to allow that ticket for someone who really wanted to go but couldn’t afford a ticket. This issue has always been a problem but its periodically gotten much, much worse. The last two years students have been leaving early in droves. If they had to actually fork over the $60 for the ticket, then maybe they’d stay. They’ve never known 0-11 or 1-10 seasons as fans since they were still in diapers during that time. So maybe they just assume the team will pull it out, but I guess they’ve never heard of the 12th man? The fans are worth 3pts! Notice that is the margin that decided the Clemson v UGA game? Home field DOES matter.

        Do better USC students. Those of you that leave early are a DISGRACE to the University!
        -Disgruntled Alum.

    • FunnyChickens

      You’re just making it worse. You said it yourself, the student section is not the only group leaving early. The entire fan-base pales in comparison to most other schools. Go enjoy your beers outside the stadium because that’s all that really matters at USC. Excluding the few people who do stay the entire times for the football itself, you guys are jokes. Maybe the comments made in this article will help some of your “loyal fans” get in gear and stick around for another 30 minutes of play time.

    • Thomas Chinnis

      Your an idiot, the simple solution is this, take the student section tickets and sell them to the public, then we’ll see how many seats are filled at the end of the game. I’m willing to bet that 80 to 90% will still be full. Students don’t deserve the rights to those tickets anymore. If it wasn’t part of the tuition package you probably wouldn’t even go to the games. So let some true fans show how to cheer and pull for a team because the one’s there now don’t have a clue. We don’t just show up for a cocktail party, were there to enjoy a game, plain and simple.

  • Christian

    I agree it is ridiculous and embarrassing that the majority of the student section leaves at halftime. But there are a large number of us who care a lot about the football team and invest just as much time and passion into this team as the faithful gamecock club members. Don’t forget about us or group us with the large number of drunks that don’t care. Also, Clemson students are allowed to leave and get their drink on at halftime then come back into the stadium. If USC started allowing that, I think the second half attendance would be a lot better.

    • Sophomore Student

      Christian brings up a fantastic point. There are many things that are wrong with system that essentially push students out of the stadium. The fact that we arent allowed to leave the stadium and come back after refreshing ourselves with MUCH MORE cheaper drinks and food. I understand thats a large part of the revenue that comes from the stadium but at the same time, most college students have a small bank account. I have gone to every game in the lower deck since i came here and i have never left early until this week. After tailgating all day and CELEBRATING how great our team is, i was already getting tired by the time the game started. At halftime i was extremely dehydrated and had to leave because i couldnt bring myself to pay 3.50 for a bottle of water when i can just go to walmart and buy a pack of 36 bottles for 5 dollars. Yes i admit there is a lot of students who just leave at halftime because they just think of it as a social event but a lot of students have to leave for legitimate reasons. If we were able to come back into the stadium after halftime then i feel as the student section would be much more full in the 4th quarter.

  • Carolina FAn

    Look at your picture. You can even see in the red seats (non-students) that there are large gaps of people not there. Get over yourself and stop blaming students.

  • Joel Gardner

    As a 2011 Alum I have to say that this article is right on. You don’t leave a game early, ever! If you don’t stay for the whole game, then you shouldn’t get a ticket. It portrays our University in such a poor light. Seriously I hate how many rules and regulations there are in our society today, but the University needs to do something to penalize all the students leaving during the middle of the game, WHAT A JOKE. Get it together students, stand with your football team or don’t go to the games, watch them in the bars at five points and watch a different game when you get bored of the Gamecocks.

  • Mel

    Perhaps these students need to swipe their cards when they leave as well. It appears they are only coming to the game long enough to swipe their cards to get loyalty points and my freshman son can’t get a ticket.

  • D

    Have a championship season of any kind for the first time in history, and maybe people will stay..

    • PalmettoCPA

      Are you kidding me? This is the best era of Gamecock football since the early 80’s. Even in the early 00’s when the team was lucky to go bowling, the students packed the house and stayed until the end.

      Kids today are spoiled…

  • Nancy Miller

    Beautifully written challenge to the students of South Carolina. My husband is a UGA grad, but both my kids attend(ed) South Carolina. I have been to UGA games and know what the student section brings to the experience. The few USC games we have attended, I loved the sandstorming, the waving of the towels, and the excitement of the students. You will not have many opportunities to cheer your team as students, so enjoy those opportunities to the fullest, stay til the end, or don’t get a ticket, and let someone who really cares have your seat in the stadium. Go Cocks!

  • Drew Stanfo

    did you really say South Carolina maybe dominating the series? Um it’s been 3 games and not 63-17 scores at that, the previous decade Carolina won 2 games, that’s what we in Clemson call “dominating the series.” why am I even reading this stupid blog

  • Donna Magaro

    Having graduated from USC, and having my children also graduate from there, has always been a source of pride for our family. The steadfast rule for us has always been that unless nature (weather) prevents us from staying, we go to games for the DURATION! When we had the rain delay a few weeks ago, we packed the car and waited until our beloved Gamecocks returned to the field. We sat in wet seats and screamed at the top of our lungs for our team until the game was finished. Everyone knew we were winners that day, but we stayed for the team.
    I believe this all comes down to priorities. We (gladly) pay a handsome fee for our tickets and cheer no matter what the score! We have our tailgates before and sometimes after the game, but in between, our attention is on the field. If the students cannot commit themselves for a few hours to show their loyalty, I’m sure there are more students just waiting in the wings who would gladly trade places for the opportunity to watch a whole football game. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a system whereby only true fans wishing to see their team play, would be allowed to sit in the student section? I hope those who leave early will challenge themselves and rise up to cheer on THEIR Gamecocks!
    One Loyal Family Fan

  • Winter is Coming

    this guy Rixon is a total idiot if you havent realized that usc is a drinking school first and a football school second you must be living under a rock in Columbia somewhere

  • Keith


  • Tom D

    Uh, Carolina is dominating the series on the field?? Better recheck your stats over the last, say, 50 years. Lol

  • Debbie

    Very disappointing and embarrassing to me as a parent who pays tuition and supports USC! The good news… my kids stayed for the whole game (thank goodness). I think that if the kids do not want to stay for the whole game, give the tickets to the parents. I bet it would only take ONE time for the parents to fill up that student section and they would be embarrassed. I can promise you one thing, us “old” folks would rock that section! :)

    • Jack

      If the kids leave early they have to walk through a gate to leave . As their ticket was scanned coming in it should be scanned if they are leaving early .Early being before the 4th quarter . If they leave early then guess what ? They do not get a ticket for the next game .

      • Concerned fan for EVERYONE!

        Ok then let’s scan everyone’s ticket that leaves early and take away their tickets as well. You can’t treat the students differently.

  • Cecelia

    I attended USC during those lean years. In 1977, as a freshman, I was in the Marching Band and will never forget the Georgia game. It was very tight and we were in the final minutes when it looked like yet another loss and we set up to kick.

    Fans were streaming out to the parking lots and the stadium was pretty empty, when everyone realized the kick was not a kick! Georgia was set up for the wrong play! It was a trick! The Gamecocks ran it in for a touchdown, and we won the game! And when the fans outside heard what was going on, they went nuts trying to get back in – only to be turned away at the gates!

    I’ll never forget talking to other people in the band, and agreeing that those fans would always rue the day they left the game early. So students – and others – don’t forget that the game isn’t over until it’s over. If I could support that team, you can support this one! Stay!

  • leannep

    Seriously students? Yeah people were leaving. So are you as a student comparing yourselves to others that do not attend the school? I don’t know about your school spirit but if I had been a student at USC I would have not only stayed but had a hoarse voice for the next few days. It’s one of your jobs as a student fan to not only cheer for YOUR SCHOOL but to stay loyal to the end. Psh too bad the college I went to didn’t have a football team. Just remember forever to thee. You need to be there for your fellow students MORE than your average fan!

  • Joan Oxendine

    As a Gamecock fan I can totally agree with this article. It’s sad to see the stands empty even before half time starts, but I also came to the conclusion on Saturday night that Spurrier needs to stop playing so conservatively after we get a comfortable lead. I understand giving the 2nd and 3rd string a chance to play, but not at the expense of the game. I may not pay as much as the top three donor levels, but I pay a pretty penny each and every week we have a home game. I would really like to get my money’s worth and not feel the players are giving up. I’ve been in the Gamecock club for the past 9 yrs and it’s the same song different day. Trust me when I tell you, my husband, will not leave those stands until all the time has expired. 0:00 4th qtr. Win or lose.

  • formerStudent

    The last two Clemson/USC games at Clemson did not have a full student section at game’s end. It also wasn’t full at the end of their game last week. That part of your article is completely inaccurate.

    The students at USC still have to do a better job, but it happens at Bama and nearly every other school where the game is not in doubt.

    To the student that said the alumni left just as early, that’s incorrect. Huge chunks of the student section emptied at halftime. Much larger percentage of empties in those sections than in the rest of the stadium. Some non-students did leave at half, but not nearly as much as the “1/8″ you talked about.

    The student section is great when it’s full and everyone is into the game. To leave at halftime was curious when the score just started to get close.

    I don’t expect anyone to stay until the end of the game once it’s no longer in doubt. I stay, but could care less if others do. All one has to do is watch games accross the country. It happens EVERYWHERE in blowouts. Still, leaving at halftime was poor form.

    Finaly, Tom D. Are you a history major? You sure like to revel in the past. Four in a row is dominating the series on the field currently. Your post sounds like Joey Batson yelling out the series record at our current players while his team was getting stomped in Columbia two years ago. LOL

    Drew. Do math much? I hope you can count to four.

  • Student

    Yeah, looks like Clemson didn’t stay for the whole game either. Guess they don’t have a better student section than us.

  • Alycia Corvini

    I’m a current student at USC and I’m from Massachusetts and I must say that not all northern students look at it as a social event! Most students who do stay are from the north because they love football and came her for the sports like myself! You would not catch someone from the north leaving a game early because their team is losing…we’re loyal fans so please don’t judge us based on where we are from David the people who actually stay might shock you.

  • Thomas Sharpe

    All I read was “Watch the game the way I want you to!

    The author sucks.

  • Cook

    AD Tanner is working on a solution where you guys will probably have to scan your student ID when you leave the game.

  • Kelly

    Very well said! As a proud alumna of this University, I couldn’t agree more (especially since the majority of my friends are die-hard Clemson fans and constantly point this out to me).

  • Older Student

    “Well is they served booze me and all the other frat boys would stay and get hammered like we do in the parking lot. But they have to make sure the cops don’t enforce the laws in the stadium like they don’t in the frat lots so all the underclassmen can still get drunk too!” The real problem is the students that mainly go to these games are Greek kids who grew up outside SC and are just cheering for the school they go to team. They really don’t care and are not die hard fans. They much rather booze up some 19 year old girl and take them home at half time. It’s blatantly out there just walk from the frat lots for tailgate then return at halftime and enjoy the show.

  • Taylor

    I still firmly believe that if we instituted a policy that many other schools offer (like Clemson) of letting students leave and reenter at halftime, this would not be nearly as much of a problem. The majority of students leaving at halftime are ones who want to continue drinking. That’s fact. For most other schools, that means those fans have a chance to leave, satisfy whatever “drink” need they have, and return to the game.

    You can say however much you want that fans need to suck it up and stay, but no frat guy with a fading buzz is going to care.

  • grncamro69

    I first went to USC games to sell concessions many years ago. Then I attended and graduated USC 1985 and have been a Gamecock Club member the last seven years. As a student I had to wait in line/camp out for tickets many times. Therefore I can speak to this issue over a span of the last 30 years. The point that Rixon is making is not a new issue with the student section. When selling concessions we all went to the student section at the beginning of the game because we knew half would be gone after half time. Now I sit in the upper East Stands. The last two years I have taken several non USC friends to the games. It seems every time they notice how quickly the student section in the endzone “thins” after half time. It is embarrassing to try to explain it when I am chastised for not leaving until the clock reads 00:00. The only reason I left the UNC game was because of weather and a return trip to home that is 2 1/2 hours. I love my Gamecocks!! And I will always remain until the time reads 00:00 Win or Lose. Too bad some students do not know how to value and support their fellow students who bring recognition to THEIR university. Oh I forgot to mention I grew up in a household that followed Clemson exclusively.

  • Austin

    I too am embarrassed, but how many students would have stayed the “entire game” if Clemson had played SC State st home? Better yet, can you tell me how many Clemson fans went to the Clemson/SC State game in Orangeburg?? PLEASE GIVE ME THAT STAT!!
    Remember, students are not the only fans. I am an Alum who drove 4 1/2 hrs. one way to the game, stayed the ENTIRE game and was not wasted. Give me and many like me credit and respect. As for the students, them leaving at half-time is not good. I would like to see USC not even admit those who can’t walk in without assistance or who puke in the restroom and/or the stands. Why are they admitted. They should be arrested!! To me, as a parent of a USC student and an ALUM, that is more of a concern and embarassment. As for Clemson, UGA, Florida State, Auburn, etc., their students all have done the same thing, so get over yourself!!

    • Tigerman610

      The SC State game was in Clemson and was a complete sellout. Don’t drag us into your little explanation of why your drunken students fall off the bandwagon after the half. Maybe if the Shamecocks would actually play a full game the people would stick around. They know eventually they will be disappointed by their team so they get out while the team is winning.

    • Trey Yoder

      Yea the stat was that the place was a sell-out.

  • capt Morgan

    All you Clemsux fans commenting on a GAMECOCK blog obviously are bored with their team. reading our issue and commenting on your outdated overall comparison of the series is not only ignorant, but very irrelevant. the players now, and the fans now were not their, so it’s irrelevant. get over your butt hurt ego’s, and lube up for another beating. to the students, 90% of you or more are ridiculous and should just stay in your dorm. Your tickets are free, for real, they should charge your spoiled assess, or should I say charge your parents. that way mommy and daddy can call you to make sure you’re there. all other fans, PAYING FANS, it is still disrespectful to the players, coaches, and everyone else working the logistics of every game. it’s a bad look regardless and needs to change our it will become even more of a laughing stock. sincerely a GameCock fan who drives from Tennessee to attend any game he can afford with his own money, and not his parents.

    • Kent


  • Diane Brown

    FIrst and foremost, the tickets are not free. They are paid for in the college tuition bill every semester. Second, I don’t think that Carolina’s track record in football has been successful long enought for students or alumni to believe 100% in the team. Unfortunately for Carolina, there a ton of fair weather fans that only appeared on the scene when the Gamecocks start having a few winning seasons. Clemson has a much stronger and loyal fan base by far. Traditions run deep and long in the upstate and Carolina has yet to develope those things that have been handed down for generations like Clemson has. There is NO PLACE like the Valley! Whether they win or lose Tiger fans everywhere are ALL IN. It will take a few more years of a winning record for Carolina students to understand what it really means to be a dedicated fan in the stands. If they go back to their previous ways of a so so season, those fair weather fans will disappear again. Maybe it would be in Carolina’s best interest if they went ahead and left now.

    • ForevertoThee

      Diane I feel for a clemPson fan you were about 75% correct. I am & have been a booster for years & it makes me sick to see one entire section collapse bar the 30% that are EXTREMELY faithful there in the students section. I am also a USC Dad & I have made sure my child knows to never leave Williams Brice until the clock reads 0:00 & she has said her Alma Mater. I am at every game & thats 1 student I can correct. I disagree with your statement on your fan base not leaving. I have been to many USC Clem games but the past 2 times in pickens I recall 80% of you ENTIRE stadium ALREADY UP & GONE with 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. 40% were leaving in the 3rd quarter when you were only down like 7 pts. So get over your holier than thou statements. That portion was completely false. Forever To Thee! Go Cocks!

  • Andrew

    Maybe of they would change their “no re-entry” rule it wouldn’t be a problem. Clemson lets the fans come and go as they please. Why can’t USC?

    • Liam

      Like I said above, that is not true. Not one bit. We can’t leave and come back in either. Find another excuse.

  • Fan

    There is a simple answer to this. Bring back the first come first serve method. No more privileges to upperclassmen. If you get in line first you’ll get a ticket. Problem solved. When you stand in line for hours and hours to get a ticket i doubt you’ll be in a hurry to leave your seat.

  • Glenda

    It shouldn’t matter if it is a championship year or not, all students should be out to support our team. Not just students but all ticket holders. There is always some excuse for why they leave early. If you have a long drive back home, get a hotel in town and make a weekend of it. I, for one, never leave until the last second is off the clock. I was listening to 107.5 The Game this afternoon and they stated that the students and upper east stands were the ones leaving early. The West and Zone area stayed full. The students need to be forced to swipe their tickets going out of the stadium. If they leave early, they should be put at the bottom of the lottery and let another student have a chance to go.

  • Jackson Shuford

    Hey, Rixon Lane, I think it’s time for you to enroll at Clemson and join their loyal fan base that seems to entice you so much.

  • Tracie Lockaby

    I would suggest that if these so called ‘student fan’s’ cant handle keeping their butt in a seat for an entire football game, then sell the seats to those of us that would gladly pay to be there and STAY there for the guys that are playing their hearts out!! If the football team is wiping the field with the other ‘lesser’ team, then by God ENJOY IT!!! STAY PUT!! If the team is really having a struggle and maybe not playing as well at times, STAY PUT!!! THAT is what a fan does, THAT is the job of the fan. To STICK WITH YOUR TEAM no matter how good they are playing OR how bad. You’re either a FAN or you’re NOT, and if you’re NOT, you don’t have ANY rights to that seat!! Give it or sell it to those that would LOVE to be there and WILL STAY just because they love their team!! Those young men NEED us. And SHAME on anyone that calls themselves fans but does NOT act like it!!! If you won’t do your ‘job’, I assure you us REAL fans WILL!!!!!!!!

  • USC Junior

    I am currently a Junior at USC and have been a lifelong gamecock. This just makes me sick! When I was a kid my dad and I sat through every home game of the 1999 and 2000 seasons. For those of you who don’t know, we were 1-10 and 0-11. We had the longest freaking losing streak in the nation at that time! Ever since then we have not been much better until recently. I have had the priveledge of attending USC during our best period in our football programs history. All I askis that my fellow students just stay the entire time and enjoy our success!

  • AC

    i don’t blame some students for leaving early during a late night game. i headed down the ramp with 2 minutes left in the 4th to catch the shuttle with my 12 year old and it was nearly 1am before we got home. i do however have a problem with the student who puked all over the row behind me and nearly caused our whole section to have to leave before tha game even started. that was pretty shameful.

  • cocky

    I agree with 95% of what he said, but i have also been to Clemson for a couple of ACC games and Williams Brice is a toilet bowl in comparison. Sorry, call it like i see it.

  • ColinF

    Graduating in 2012 and being one of those people holding the “Welcome to the Cockpit” (pictured in the article) with my roommates the student section is an absolute embarrassment now. In my 4 years there I left one game early and I was in the Swamp when we lost 56-6 and I started to leave my seat when they were taking a knee. When they actually have to start paying for season tickets like I am now they will understand how privileged and lucky they are to get the seats they do.

    Message to all students now cherish what you got because Five Points isn’t going anywhere and there are only 7 home games a year. Take some pride in your school for more than the 2 quarters you go to.

  • A student at USC

    As a senior student as USC, I agree with a portion of this article but disagree with some as well. As a child, I can remember my parents instilling in meme their love for the gamecocks. Ever since I’ve been a gamecock myself, I luckily have gotten tickets for every home game. Yes, i have to admit, i have abused a few of my tickets by leaving the game early, but it doesn’t make me any less of a die hard fan. Lets face it. We all know what goes on before kickoff and also know what happens after the fourth quarter. Drinking…and lots of it. To say that it is the major problem for the reason the games are left is an understatement. In any circumstances, I know that it’s has been the underlying cause in everyone of the games I left. Whether it be dealing with one of my friends, or one of the 10,000 other students that sit in the stands, it all leads back to one cause. But let’s all be real, there’s nothing that’s going to stop this anytime soon. Whether it be from one of my friends about to pass out from dehydration, or another student slapping me in the face with a towel during sandstorm, there’s really no stopping any of the fans, not just the students, from doing it before the game or wanted to leave the game to continue tailgating.

    Now, on another note, to say that or student section is dismal is comparison to Clemson’s is absurd. You cannot even compare the two. Clemson allows re-admittance. Do you really think that everyone of there students sits there for the entire game? No. So before you go and bash the student section at USC, you should also point out that the majority of the upper deck was cleared out by the 3rd quarter as well, and that our school nor fans are in no shape or form anything like Clemson.

    Forever to Thee!

  • Gamecock fan

    I think a lot of the problem is some of the students would rather party then stay through the game. Just because they are students and go to school there, does not mean they are die hard fans like some of the other students and the rest of the GAMECOCK nation. They take advantage of getting the tickets to games and really could care less if they go or not or stay the whole game, when there are those of us who would gladly go and sit through the entire game and cheer on our team.

  • E

    Some of you people need to get over yourselves and shove the holier than thou crap.
    First off, OP, I would expect Ron Morris to write something like that, but not anyone else.
    Second- I get the point of the article and understand your frustration, but you are way over the top and plain wrong about a lot of things:
    – You said that you “will call someone a “liar” for saying that “Gamecock fans are loyal and stick with their team through thick and thin?” Absurd comment. Just because some students don’t meet your or my definition of loyal or “true” doesn’t justify making such an absurd accusation about all Gamecock fans.
    I resent such a broad critique of the entire fan base and frankly, it makes me question how “loyal” or “true” you are.
    -“clemson students wipe the floor with USC students”? Hardly. If you don’t think those dudes leave at halftime you haven’t been there much or paid attention to the TV. It’s actually worse there because they are allowed to leave and come back. The problem is they get to liking the tailgate so much at halftime (or sooner) that the typical ACC fodder ( wake, duke, maryland, BC, UVa etc) holds little interest and they don’t go back even though they could. Our students don’t have that option.
    – True, we have been dominating the series of late, notwithstanding the clemson poster “drew stanfo” who apparently can’t count to 4 apparently. (It’s 4 straight Drew not 3.) These students probably do take those wins for granted- unlike those fans of us who remember the Dietzel years, or longer.
    -So you think opposing SEC QBs “love coming to Columbia.” ? Ever heard of Aaron Murray? Georgia QB- said he couldn’t hear the entire game last year. Ever heard of Greg McElroy, Alabama QB when Garcia had his career day? I think he would disagree too. The point being that you again allow your frustration to cause you to over generalize and malign an entire fan base unfairly.
    You say “South Carolina student section wouldn’t crack a list of the top 100. – So all 50 or so teams from the ACC, PAC 12, Big 10 and Big 12 plus another 50 teams from smaller conferences have better student fan bases? Delusional.
    To Joel someone or whomever said “you NEVER leave a game early and if you do you should not buy a ticket.” That is another preposterous comment that is heard from time to time by those who tout themselves as being better or more loyal or truer than other fans. Personally, I come from 2 hours out of town and I do stay for the entire game because I enjoy it. But I don’t think that makes me a better or more loyal fan than someone who might not have the luxury of staying the entire game. Who am I, or you, to judge other people’s circumstances? How do you know which people may have had a babysitter issue yet still made the effort to come to and pull for the team as long as they could before they had to leave? How do you know who drove from Charleston, Greenville, Myrtle Beach Atlanta or wherever and simply did not have the luxury of staying the entire game because of pressing matters elsewhere (and ensuing traffic issues)- I applaud the fact that he still came and supported the team, paid full price and a YES fee for his tickets rather than wait and grab a ticket for under face value from a scalper (let’s don’t pretend it doesn’t happen- probably even on occasion by those who “NEVER leave early and think you shouldn’t buy a ticket unless you stay the whole game).
    Are there some who routinely leave early even though they could stay the entire game? Yes. Do I wish they would stay the entire game? Yes, the more the merrier. But am I gong to presume that I understand the motivations of everyone at the game- I hope not.
    In conclusion:
    I, too, wish all students stayed til the end and were raucous the entire time but the entire fan base or even entire student body shouldn’t be maligned for it.
    Its not just students who leave early.
    Drinking, or even getting drunk, does not automatically make one a bad person or a disloyal fan as a few seemed to imply.
    Everyone who leaves early should not be given a one way ticket to hell for being disloyal and untrue. (Perhaps when I gain mystical powers like others who seem to have a handle on everyone’s circumstance and motivation, I’ll change my mind)
    Clemson’s student base and or/fan base is not better than ours and damn sure wouldn’t “wipe the floor” with us.
    I once overheard a fan say, “we have the best press corps in the country”, at which point the entire tailgate crowd burst into laughter.
    Its 4 in row clemson fan, not 3-learn to count-better yet, transfer to USC and take a math course.

    • Liam

      Just one correction to your seemingly all encompassing knowledge of Clemson and their policies…once you enter the stadium there is no leaving if you want to get back in. I don’t know where you got your facts from but you need to check your sources before going off on a rant.

    • Liam

      Just one correction to your seemingly all encompassing knowledge of Clemson and their policies…once you enter the stadium there is no leaving if you want to get back in. We have the same policy as WB and our student section is still full. I don’t know where you got your facts from but you need to check your sources before going off on a rant.

  • Kyle

    As a freshman, I feel very fortunate to get a lower deck ticket. I love the energy us students bring to Williams Brice.. but I’m shameful t call some of those “loyal fans” my fellow Gamecocks. Stay till the alma mater, or don’t bother getting a ticket.

  • Doug

    Lets push the athletic dept to allow fans and students re-entry after halftime like other schools including Clemson. This will help alot.

  • Austin

    Clemson fans etc. See the Associated Press article and picture written br Richard Shiro on 9/8/13 regarding Clemson vs. SC State. Sure are ALOT of empty seats in that picture!!

  • PMS

    My son is a freshman and has tried to get a ticket to every game so far this year with no success. I’m not saying he would have stayed until the end either but I sure wish he’d get a chance to try at least in his first semester while his excitement is off the chain.

    • USC Student

      Tell your student to go support volleyball, women’s soccer, and men’s soccer and he would get a chance. There are plenty of options for freshman and other students to get chance to earn loyalty points. The revamp of the system this year is a great idea. It gets people to support other sports at USC that do not get as much attention as football. Your child has multiple options and if he/she actually went to these games by now they would be getting a ticket for the football game.

  • Cock

    I think if the student section offered Greek seating, the kind you see at Bama and other SEC schools then this would not be a problem. Greek seating works great at other schools and if tailgating is the problem then I think if the Greeks are forced to stay in their reserved off sections, this would cause others to stay considering the mass amount of students who go to fraternity/sorority tailgates. Deep south schools reserve rows and rows of seats and guarantee a certain number of tickets to each fraternity/sorority member depending on how big their chapter is. I’ve seen it done and it works great and forces people to stay and watch the game. Greek life has a bigger impact on the campus and students than people think and I believe they should be rewarded with reserved sections in the student section. If you think I am wrong feel free to email the schools that participate and ask their opinion.

    • All About the Good-Ole Boys

      If that’s not hilarious. Why don’t we give all the seats to Greeks? Since they’re all so great! Try again, some students can’t afford to be in Greek life and some choose not to be. It’s ridiculous to reserve sections for the “money” portion of the student population. Sorry that I think on my own and don’t want or need to conform to today’s standards of what is acceptable. It’s all about the good-ole boys club once again. Shows how ignorant you are. Treating every student equally regardless of what student organization(s) you are in is the way to do things. If anyone wants their own section of the stadium then buy it. They do have special boxes you can buy that guarantee you seats, food, alcohol, and many other amenities.

  • Gamecock13

    We need to do better! Only show the real true fans that stay the entire game. I will say though in regards to the Clemson/SC State picture that first of all I’m sure it was very hot in that stadium at that time of day and notice it was in the 3rd Quarter which a lot of people go get food, use the bathroom, etc. and all of that doesn’t take like 5 minutes especially when you have a fairly large stadium full of fans on a hot day. There might not have been a lot of fans left in the 4th there but definitely more than what was at our place. So I think that picture of that game is completely irrelevant compared to what everyone saw at Williams Brice. Hopefully this will change but if not they can stay in their dorms and watch it and let the true fans stay beside their team

  • Kordich

    Requiring students to scan their tickets for each game to keep their “priority” provides a perverse incentive for them to show up, scan their ticket, and then leave, all so they don’t lose out on getting a ticket for “the big game”.

    Until the system that rewards this behavior is changed, I don’t expect the “fans” to either. Either make them scan their tickets on both the way in, and the way out, or abolish the system altogether, and make tickets first come, first serve, (like they used to be). I hope this would separate, and reward the truly dedicated from these undeserving ingrates we see today.

  • K–

    I go to the University of Hawaii… We have to pay a student-activity fee and joy get a discount on tickets. Not even a good one. And the seats are awful. Now, I am aware we don’t have the best team, please no remarks about that! But it seems like if we got free tickets we would go see our team win or lose, and stay thru the game! Be proud of your school no matter what!

  • Sonya Gamecock Gal

    Is this “Garnet Report” even written by a USC GAMECOCK FAN? I’m a true fan…not one of those who changes loyalties like the wind. Win or lose, this upstate girl stands with pride in her garnet & black. Oh, and you are a fool to say the student section is NEVER “this full after half-time”….you’re dead wrong! Quit bringing your negativity on here…..sounds to me like you’re more inclined to be a Clemsux fan….close your so-called Garnet Report..and start a “Tigger Tribune”. Oh, and I’m sure those Clemsux orange students are all non-alcohol fans huh!? AND I’m sure you know for a fact they are sober and stay put in the student section EVERY home game, too?! Get all the facts before you talk smack about a college!

  • Alex

    If you’re going to compare USC and Clemson, this is partly a policy issue. Clemson students can leave the stadium and come back in. At USC, once you’re out, you’re out. If South Carolina students could leave during halftime, tailgate for a bit, and repack their pockets with pocket shots, we’d have much better attendance in the second half.

    As for those of you blaming the Greek community… if you geeds had a comparable tailgate to leave to packed with pretty South Carolina sorority girls and a band, you’d be out of there as quickly as anyone. I would prefer to see our students stick it out the whole fourth quarters, but just because you don’t have as much incentive to leave doesn’t give you an excuse to got on your soapbox. Sorry.

  • Bryan

    I agree with everything you wrote, but this isn’t just a Carolina problem, so don’t get too depressed about it.

  • Eric

    First of all, obviously the auther doesn’t pay attention at clemson games. If he did then he would notice that the entire student section leaves at halftime. The big difference is that they are allowed to return to the stadium. The author needs to back off the students and start placing some of the blame on the athletic department who sets the stadium policies.

    Additionally this problem with the student section thinning out is hardly new. As a student in the early 2000’s the student section was always way over crowded to start games from people sitting in the wrong sections. Then by halftime people would start to leave and it thinned out, but still appeared full from the over capacity issues to start the game. This all changed when the stadium started restricting access to this section. Again another problem with the stadium policies and not the students.

  • Matt

    “I’m sure you couldn’t care less what the players who sacrifice all year long to represent you and your school think.” Sacrifice? They get full ride scholarships that they don’t get unless they play football. People with 36 ACT or 1600 SAT scores come to USC and don’t get full rides. How are football players sacrificing anything?

  • Cocky69

    The student section isn’t the only concern we should have. Some of the players don’t do their part either.

  • CB

    As an alum, when I was a student we never left the games early 2007-2010. I think it would be wise to allow fans to leave the stadium at half time and return in the third quarter like Clemson fans can do.

    • Jeannie

      Exactly….why can’t fans return? We are adults and sometimes just enjoy getting some air outside of the stadium, I mean, really, the humidity here is terrible. Other schools allow fans to come and go as long as they have a ticket stub. Actually, it would be great if students did leave, hand their ticket to other students who weren’t able to come in the game and the student section would remain full, with a fresh group of kids!

  • Clemson

    “USC may be dominating the series on the field but Clemson students win the stadium battle…” What series on the field are you talking about? The all time series record is 65-41 in favor of Clemson. Congrats on having a successful few years, get ready for it all to end when Tajh comes to Cootland in November.

  • Doug

    “Free tickets”… Your ignorance is beyond laughable. It’s stunning.

  • RH

    An “introductory theater course” is a lot more informative and interesting than a football game.

  • TigerPaws

    Better school, better staff, better atmosphere, better student and alumni support, better TEAM, better all around GOOOOO CLEMSON!!!!!!!

    Get your stuff together USC you have made a fool of yourself and your school, continuously since day one.

    *SANDSTORMMMM! :-D What a joke.

    Yall suck get over it.


    What I think is even more embarrassing is how hard y’all (Alumni, Carolina Fans and etc) are bashing current students and grouping everyone as a whole bc students left. I STAYED THE ENTIRE GAME and to be honest, it is a lot of things that need to change to get students and even fans to stay. Walking around campus everyday, you feel the lack of school spirit from faculty, staff, admin and students. There have been so many changes around the university that has put School Spirit on the back burner. I chose to stay the entire game because I had nothing else to do and wasn’t in a hurry to beat traffic. But best believe if I did have plans I would have high tailed it out of there with the rest. Mic Man has usually been the figure head for getting the student section live and in an uproar but this season so far has proved that the new Mic Man has “lost his touch.” There aren’t as many chants and cheers going on from the student section, so with the long time outs and injuries on the field it took no time for the game to get boring and tedious. Many students left the stadium to go out and continue tailgating where they knew it would be more exciting and fun. Yes I agree it sucks that the football players didn’t get that extra push from students but lets be honest, they have to play whether we are there or not! But like I said at the beginning, stop bashing the students all over the news and let’s come together as GAMECOCK FANS and work together to bring back GAMECOCK SCHOOL SPIRIT!!!

  • Kelly

    I agree with Andrew… we pay a lot of money for tickets and are not allowed to re-enter the stadium. Also, many of the students at Clemson stay till the end not only for the game, but because they are allowed to celebrate the win with their football team on the field. Another thing is the band. The half time show needs to be entertaining. I remember one game where the band actually got into it, dancing and pulling the crowd in. That was entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, our band has very talented students…their presentation is just, well, boring. Make half time entertaining to help keep fans in their seats. Take notice of how the crowd pumps up when great music is playing during a kick-off. By the way, cudos to scoreboard crew that added other football game scores and playing time.

    • Are you for real??

      Are you friggin’ kidding me? You’re really going to blame people leaving on the BAND?? Do you honestly believe people are saying “well this is a hell of a game and I love my gamecocks but the half time show is boring so we’re out of here”. Or maybe they’re saying “well this game blows but the marching band was so stimulating that I’ve decided to stay for the rest of the game”. Those kids practice five days a week and are up and practicing at 8 am on Gamedays. Earlier if they have to board a bus for an away game. All so you can have the audacity to complain that you’re BORED for the six minutes they’re on the field. You sound like a dumbass.

      • Jim

        So what instrument do you play?

        • Are you serious??

          I don’t play an instrument. :) One does not have to be in the band to realize that suggesting fans leave early because the marching band is “boring” is a weak attempt at passing the buck for your crummy behavior.

  • Chris Johnson

    Shut up about this. The Student section pays for their tickets just like everyone else. What was embarrassing is the way the team choked. When everyone left the Troy State game a couple years ago no one said anything because it was a blowout. I get the feeling that a bunch of old men reliving their glory years is behind the criticism of the team.

  • Will

    You might want to recheck the record on the series with Clemson. Winning 4 games is nice but in no way is that dominating the series. If you check the books the cocks are about 30 games away from even tying the series.

    • Jeannie

      That’s ok, we will be one more closer after another season passes.

      • Jordan

        Sure you will.

  • dun

    They should clearly let you re-enter the stadium after half time..

  • Taylor

    As a new alumnae of 2013 and someone who has never left a game early, I am deeply saddened by the lack of fan support. But don’t get it twisted, it is NOT just the student section! At halftime the entire stadium starting emptying out. I think our fan base as a whole could use a 101 class in team loyalty.

  • Freshman Observer

    I don’t drink and I don’t party. But I did leave the game early because Hey! I’ve been at classes all week, stayed up all night doing homework and studying, gone to club meetings and all sorts of things, and was exhausted! I’m sorry that I don’t feel like standing during a non interesting game that seemed to be going nowhere! It’s not our fault, however, that the football team started letting things slide. They don’t as you say “do this for us.” They should be doing it because they love it and want to further a career in this..maybe in the NFL. All I’m saying is it’s easy for the people who pay, drive, and make a day out of coming to stay and make an event out of it. But when my bed is one mile away and I’m too tired to function sometimes I just want to leave.

    And too be honest, we have worse problems in our world to write about than a student section leaving during a football game. If this is all you have to worry about then you seriously need to reconsider your life.

  • Amanda

    They had to get to Five Points before all the good one night stands were taken.

  • Bstanley

    Please stfu bashing our students and fans. All this article did was open up a forum to let other schools fans further bash our school and program. I wish there was an easy answer but this happens at all schools and to say it doesn’t is just a lie. We can see when the stands are empty in other stadiums and there have been plenty of empty seats everywhere. I wish everyone would stay at every game until the end, but sometimes it’s just not going to happen… And btw, don’t ever ever ever compare our school with that one in the upstate to say its better in any way shape or form. That’s like dating your sister’s boyfriend, you just don’t do it.

    • Jordan

      “That one in the upstate”? Its called Clemson. And the truth hurts sometimes.

  • Dirk Diggler

    I’m a Alabama fan and your Program is a JOKE! You have had a few good seasons in your pathetic history and now you think your the sh##!.I mean, how pathetic is it to have your current coaches name already in your stadium!WOW!And SANDSTORM amazing? What a JOKE? Techno? Really? And your Stadium is a dump in the middle of a sess pool …Columbia.

    • That guy

      Lets see…last time the tide visited this “sess pool” I believe you got sandstormed right out of the stadium. Also I believe you have a statue of your current coach. Go kill a tree or something.

      • Jugi


      • joblo

        Alabama’s tradition is to have a statue built of a coach once they have won a national title. What’s your national championship tradition?

    • Slovensko


    • Just Sayin

      You have a statue of your current coach outside your stadium……

      • Matt

        I think he has enough National Championships to merit that.

    • Jeannie

      check your spelling….”cesspool”

    • Jennifer

      Wow… what class Alabama fans have. Glad I’m not associated with you at all.. even if you are #1. You just embarrassed your own team single handedly. Congrats.

      • Megan

        Jennifer you took the words right out of my mouth!

    • Carolina girl

      Why must Alabama fans ALWAYS criticize other teams? Is it not possible to be proud of your accomplishments – yes Alabama has a wonderful football team – without putting down others. It seems they must always tear down the other teams AND boast about theirs. I am a Gamecock fan living in Alabama territory, so I am well acquainted with Crimson Tide fans. Would rather be a Carolina fan any day….

      • Henry Beach

        HAHAHAHA, there you go again with the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Alumni and Long-time Fan

    To all the students trying to pretend the students aren’t any worse than the rest of the fans, take a look at these two pictures, taken only seconds apart early in the fourth quarter Saturday.

    The first is the South End Zone, which was still packed. The second is the student section, which… well, it sure as heck wasn’t packed. Sure, some other fans besides students left early. But percentage-wise, WAY, WAY more students left than anyone else, which is why there was a clear dividing line between “students” and “fans”. People who know me also know that I won’t hesitate to criticize any fan for leaving early without good reason, but comparatively speaking, I was fairly pleased with the stadium as a whole for not leaving early. The student section, though, was an embarrassment. It was like holding up a sign saying “We don’t care about our team”.

    I would love to see them scanning tickets to exit the game prior to the end. Students who consistently leave early don’t need to get tickets again. Maybe for season-ticket holders we can do a variation on that, where if you’re leaving early then you have to pay more to keep your seats, or the seats go to people who stay to the end of the game. Bet that would improve the atmosphere considerably.

  • kawliga

    first, for those complaining that you felt dehydrated and couldn’t afford the bottled water and that’s why you had to leave–here’s a tip: go to a medic station and tell them you feel dehydrated. they will GIVE you bottled water. they gave out tons at the nc game. this isn’t for you to take advantage of, but if you do feel dehydrated, that’s what it’s there for.

    another thing, it isn’t just the student section. i sit in section 306 and watched folks filing out around me as well. shame on you. is nothing good enough for you? one of our QB’s best games ever, the first SEC home game, a realllly good team…? what more do you want? it almost seems like anyone cares about anymore is just beating clemson. get a grip. if you aren’t going to be a loyal fan for the duration of our games, then stay at home and let someone else who would love to be there do just that. stop chanting “SEC! SEC! SEC!” and arguing with everyone about how much better our conference is if you don’t want to stay and prove it. clearly if all you care about is the clemson game, the SEC title isn’t important to you anyway…just that stupid hardee’s trophy and bragging rights for a year.

    as for the student section, ray tanner desperately needs to fix the way tickets are given out. stop the lotto system and do what many other universities do–make them get in line to get tickets and wait forever and camp out on sidewalks. why do these students set up tents to get tickets? BECAUSE THEY WANT TO GO TO THE GAMES. BECAUSE THEY LOVE THEIR TEAM. BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT A TEAM NEEDS THEIR FANS. It’s NOT because they want to go in, be seen in their seersuckers, bowties, skimpy sundresses and cowboy boots (when is that trend going to be over anyway?!). I don’t mean to generalize, but you have to understand that what i just described encompasses a vast majority of the students we see.

    something has to change. we are embarassing ourselves. in front of everyone–national television, our rivals, and most importantly, our boys out on that field. let’s get over ourselves for just 4 quarters and get in the game and prove to everyone…SEC, ACC, ESPN,….everyone…..that we are Carolina.

  • Frank

    That’s interesting considering my daughter is a student there and couldn’t get tickets to either of the first 2 games, through the lottery system. If you are a student you should be able to go to the game period. I wasn’t a math major, but I believe the stadium has over 32,000 seating capacity.


    If the students could reenter this wouldn’t be a problem!!!

  • Jennifer

    Ok a few comments to all you students…
    1. I graduated from USC only a couple of years ago.. when I was a student there, the student section didn’t empty out like it does now EVEN IF the rest of the stadium started to.
    2. If you guys pay so much for your tickets, then that just supports the argument that you shouldn’t leave the stadium at halftime. Don’t blame the rules just because you want to go get wasted and come back. The alcohol will still be there after the game, I promise.
    Bottom line.. there are many issues with the Gamecock fan base, but don’t add to the problem by being selfish and by pointing the blame at someone else. Own up to your own issues and show some pride in your team. To all of you who show team spirit already, thank you. Keep it up. Make us all proud to be Gamecocks.

  • Jeff

    It’s the boots. Standing around in 90-100 degree heat, there has to be 2″ of sweat in those things, and hurting… When the “boots” leave, the guys follow the boots… a dog on a scent. Get the girls to stay, the guys stay. BAN THE BOOTS!!! :)

  • Why

    How about this. Why not use that same enthusiasm in class rather in some idiot game that in the long run amounts to nothing more than entertainment. Just think of the things we could have accomplished by now? Cure for cancer? Solving our energy problem? The is possibalities are endless!

  • Leah

    I bet if the rest of the stadium was standing intoxicated after a days worth of tailgating for the game they would leave early too

    • bobbygusc

      Then that may be the problem. Don’t drink so much! Plus if you’re a student isn’t it illegal?

      • Seriously

        Uh, why would drinking be illegal just because you’re a student? As long as that student is 21 there’s nothing illegal about it.

  • Rixon Lane

    First, I want to thank all of you for reading the piece and sharing your opinions. It means a lot to me that you took the time to let me know your thoughts. I just wanted to chime in and answer a few points made in the comments.

    1. I am a fourth-year broadcast journalism at the University of South Carolina. Both of my parents graduated from USC and I was born and raised a Gamecock fan.

    2. I do believe that Williams-Brice Stadium can be one of the more feared stadiums in the country. When it is filled to capacity with screaming fans, I believe it is one of the top environments in college football.

    3. The reason I am the most upset about the student section situation is that there are many students at USC who want to be able to sit in the section and their seats are being taken by people who leave in the third quarter.

    4. I understand that USC’s ticketing system is not perfect and that there are multiple solutions that might help keep students in the section for the duration of the games.

    5. Although I do not drink, I do not believe that USC is a “drinking school.” I know that alcohol is consumed at events like football games, but I do not feel that makes USC a drinking school. I personally have always considered USC a baseball and football school.

    6. I know that there were students who stayed in the stadium until the game was over and I applaud them for it.

    7. I am well aware of the overall series record between USC and Clemson. My use of the phrase “dominating the series” was put in the present tense due to USC’s four consecutive victories.

    8. I do not believe that selling beer to students within Williams-Brice Stadium is the solution. I believe that idea would cause more problems than it would solve.

    9. Although there have been lots of comparisons between the student sections at the USC-Vanderbilt and Clemson-SC State games, I would like to point out that USC was playing a division opponent while trying to make up ground in the race for the division title.

    10. I know that there are lots of fans who are not students who leave Williams-Brice Stadium early. However, when one particular section, especially one filled with students, empties out so quickly, it draws attention.

    11. I have never played one second for any of USC’s athletics teams and I was an average high school athlete. I don’t have any “glory years.”

    Again, thank you all for reading and sharing your thoughts on the subject. I truly do appreciate it.

    • Kim Trout

      If a student leaves before the end of the game, they
      should lose their privileges to attend future games, or not be part of the lottery for future games, etc…that should solve the
      problem :-)

      • therage

        How in the HELL are you going to enforce that middle school rule? You guest are a very SILLY person who probably volunteered to be a Hall Monitor (to tattle) and dress up as a cop on the weekends. If most students had the CHOICE, as some have sued to do so at other colleges recently, they’d much rather NOT be forced to BUY the damn tickets in the first place, rather spending the money ON books and FOOD instead!. HELL, the members of the MARCHING BAND at USC have to pay for their own seats and as a former member, there were many times I sure hated having to stay around at the end.

    • Megan

      Rixon, thank you for your classy reporting. It’s refreshing to see your Gamecock pride without all the cussing and degrading comments seen nowadays from others. I was born and raised a Gamecock fan (my father was Clemson which is why my parents got divorced ;) Here lately, I’ve come across people who recently “swapped” over to USC and it is very much a party type attitude. They seem to pull for them when they’re doing well, and forget them when they’re doing poorly. Either that,or it’s such a disgusting state of inebriation and raucous partying that they could no more follow the plays than Garcia. (Had to say it ;) While celebrations and beer are cherished football rights, I’d like to see our fans display some integrity, sit through the WHOLE game and not stumble out to get downtown to find the one night stands and clubs. I fear we will take on the reputation of a party school, instead of a promising football program, not to mention our academic achievements, if our students dont straighten up.ESPECIALLY when the whole nation could be watching us at games.

    • Henry Beach

      Willy brice Is and always has been a feared stadium. But the fear is of getting robbed, raped, or murdered in that neighbor that William Brice is in. That same neighbor hood has been for a very long time, the head quarters for drug salesman and prostitutes of the Greater Columbia area. Just ask George Rogers!!! I also understand your comment of the present 4 game series b/c it’s only your second one in over a 115 years. Clemson has won those 4 straight game series 8 times against the gamecoots, so those type of series isn’t a biggie for us anymore. But the 7 straight wasn’t so bad!!!

  • I am who I am

    I have to disagree with your article. It is solely based on your opinion and not taking into the consideration of matters beyond the football realm.
    I was a student during the days of the Holtz and Spurrier era. What I can tell you from personal experience is that football isn’t everything to students. When you give tickets away for basically free (actually not free and you pay for them in your college fees) who really cares? I love football and I love sports in general but the first thing I learned in college is that your professors don’t take tailgating and football as an excuse. If you have a homework assignment to do please get home and complete it. You can watch the rest of the game on your television at home. The Gamecocks will always have loyal fans that are willing to dish out hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year to see the feathers fly. But don’t blame a college student for well; being a college student. You drink a few beers while tailgating, sober up and watch the Gamecocks play, go home and complete some class assignments, and then you go out and get bombed in five points. This is the continuous cycle that the majority of college students will follow.
    Just to let you know it is not a Gamecock trend either. I went to school in the big 12 before graduating from USC and we did the exact same thing there also. The focus on developing a tradition of students staying at the game has to be rewarded with some kind of incentive. A SEC championship might help.

    • Bobbygusc

      I disagree with your reply! It is based solely on your reply. With the exception of a few Thursday games YOU DON’T HAVE CLASS THE NEXT DAY! Also MOST STUDENTS ARE UNDER THE LEGAL DRINKING AGE! We’rre not talking about the big12 or pacwhatever. If you have homework DO IT BEFORE THE GAME! DON’T GET BOMBED ANYWHERE IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE! And if you go to the game STAY! If not DON’T GO!


    This is ridiculous. Not staying for a whole game doesn’t make anyone less of fan. Are you saying those who stay home and watch it on TV are less of fans than those at the game? As a former student athlete myself, I got so excited to see our little arena packed (I played a lesser sport), but I never got mad at anyone leaving early. Shoot I never got mad at anyone NOT EVEN SHOWING UP. I played for Carolina and everyone who’s a Gamecock, whether they were at the game or not. I question all you ‘true fans’ who stayed to the end of all the football games, how many other sports do you attend? Oh wow you stay through a whole football game so you must love the gamecocks…ever been to a soccer game? A volleyball game? A tennis match? An equestrian meet? A cross country meet? Most likely not. And even if you did, you probably did stay THE WHOLE TIME. Some gamecock fan y’all are, if we’re using your standards.

    The truth is everyone supports their school in different ways. So trying to claim that YOU know what true fandom is and that YOUR way is the only way to be a true fan is absolutely ridiculous. Stop placing your standards on everyone else. Because I know many who BLEED garnet and black, and they all have different ways of showing it.

    I am SO PROUD to be a Gamecock. I am obsessed with this school and this community. But ignorant articles and comments like this make me a little ashamed of certain people within the Gamecock family.

    However, you are till family, so I still love all y’all!

    Ps. Students are PAYING TO GO TO COLLEGE. Some pay up to 30,000 dollars A YEAR. I honestly think they should be able to do whatever they want at any USC sporting event for that kind of money. So please don’t try to whine about how it’s free for students to enter the game.


    • bobbygusc

      Ok you’re right, there are different kinds of fans. But the point is if you choose to go to a football game and take a ticket be prepared to stay the whole game. That’s what’s being asked of you for a FREE ticket. If you don’t want to stay the entire game let someone else use that ticket and stay home and watch from tv. I too am alum and am proud to be a GAMECOCK.

      PS the 30K is for an education not a game ticket! And if you get the privilege of representing the school for FREE and the coach and players have asked you to stay ……STAY! You can get drunk later. Wait should any of the students be drinking at their age? Is it legal? But go ahead and show what you are really all about!

      • Girl

        It is completely legal for any student 21 or older to drink. Most students can legally drink for at least two years of college. :)

      • Alum

        Uhh the tuition covers things like game tickets…once again, NOT free.
        Also, you talked about getting an education. Has everyone forgotten that school comes first? That these are STUDENTS? If much rather have a school with students who go to classes than football games.

        And I was not allowed to stay for the whole football game ever. My sport is during the same season so the maybe 2 games I was in town to watch and didn’t have a game or practice, my team had a curfew and had to leave after halftime. So yeah, not leaving to get drunk, but thanks for assuming that.

        Since when did college students drinking become a shocking mortal sin anyways?

  • “Gamecock Fan”

    I’ll tell you why they leave, because it’s an effing nightmare getting out of the stadium parking lots. It takes 2 hours just to get to Green Street and if we’re not playing a big team, why stay? People have other things to do with their lives than football. I say it’s an issue of practicality. I do think it’s rude to leave before a game ends though.

    • Katie

      WALK. Its literally a mile. It’s a thirty minute walk, tops.

      • Safety first? Psshh

        Yes. You should totally walk. That shit with the missing girl and the grown men that got robbed at gun point and the kid that got the hell beat out of him all walking home in Columbia happens years ago. I’m sure it won’t happen to you.

  • cockadoodledoo

    First note. Usc dominating the clemson series is clearly false check the numbers; as of lately, they have but clemson still dominates the series. The student sectionrepresents the youth in sc raised being spoiled brats too good for their own school. Too many brats are selfish and just want to get drunk and get laid. Its ultimately reflects a cultural deficiency in America. Keep blaming eachother gamecocks and cockadoodledoo

  • Matt – Alumni

    What if you had a free shuttle service to five points that only started up at the end of the game? Might solve some of the problems with transportation anxiety, adult beverage consumption, etc.

    Also, our team has somewhat formed a habit of taking a lead and then running out the clock for the last 2 quarters of the game. Although it’s a smart tactic, it’s also tough for some people to sit through. Keep sticking it to them through the end of the game and maybe the fans will as well. IMO – Running up a score should never be frowned upon because it’s the other team’s job to stop you – it’s not your job to stop yourself.

  • Stanley Feldman

    If they stay until the end, the students (and non-students) will lose 1 hour, conservatively, to the traffic and mayhem. The games have become painfully long, dragged out by the need for ESPN to sell every possible second and then some. Maybe the students have something better do do or someplace better to be.

  • Rory Barth

    The truth is……..Carolina fans are use to leaving at halftime win or lose.

  • Leigh

    Mostly correct. Clemson fans make fun of it. I went to Clemson during the post-Ford Hatfield years and you couldn’t even see the steps of the student section, it was so packed. It’s still like that today, but even more insanely energetic. You could see carolina’s empty stadium on TV last Saturday and it was an embarrassment to what is supposedly a top SEC school. Of course, the article was wrong about one thing. Carolina does not “dominate the series” on the field. Clemson leads the overall series 65-41-4. It’s just like a Gamecock fan to only remember the last few years. The truth is, the fans (students AND others) leave when they’re losing AND when they’re winning. Guess those alcohol and profanity soaked tailgates are more important… That’s what you mean when you say you’d come back if you were able to… Drinking is just more important than the game.

  • Jamie

    What does being northern or part of greek life have to do with anything? Amazing that it’s 2013 and some of you still have something to complain about regarding northern students. We make up a large portion of your school and we rep USC just as hard if not HARDER than any of YA’LL do. Get over it, a Gameock is a Gamecock.

  • Clemson Fan

    I completely agree!!! You guys SUX!!!

  • Realist

    This is the kind of “column” that gets written by a young journalist trying to ruffle feathers and make a name for himself.

    Fans left at halftime of a blowout game. Get over it. Happens everywhere.

    In this case, the team getting blown out made a minor comeback, and it looked kind of awkward when the seats were half empty during the mildly-tense moments of the 4th quarter.

    Still, it was a blowout, and some fans left. Hell, as a TV viewer, I left and got some dinner.

    This happens everywhere. Fans tune out of games that are no longer interesting, and they don’t show up to games that were never interesting in the first place. Come to grips with that reality or you’ll be writing many of these “shame on you, fans” columns during your career.

    And your readers will get really tired of you.

  • Joe

    After reading all of the comments, sounds like everyone stays and no one ever leaves early.

  • Ralph L

    Ok, so let’s do something a different way. If a student stays the entire game, when they leave they’ll get a special t shirt that says something like, “This Gamecock lasts 4 quarters” or something to that effect. Perhaps it could put some pride in staying. A little like the Garnet army from the basketball team a few years ago. Oh and maybe a discount coupon for a free drink somewhere. Ok the last part was liittle jab. BTW long time Gamecock fan and alumni that cheered through some BAD seasons.

  • http://icon.smi Jim Dedmon

    As a photographer who has covered the Gamecocks for the last five years, when I published my images I always knew I could see Sports Illustrated show at least a couple shots of the Gamecock student section on their fans page. Always interesting, energetic, face paint and great costumes. These are all they have published so far this year that I am aware of. I think you can do better, you have much to be proud of, let the rest of the SEC know it!

  • Gamecock544

    if you do not leave early you either have to stand in line waiting for a shuttle for up to an hour, walk between a 1,000 cars, or sit in traffic forever just to make it a mile back to wherever you live around school. My friends and I leave early to avoid all of this. When it is 10PM at night and it is the difference of me making it home at 1030PM vs 12AM when i have been out tailgating all day, etc. i will miss the last half of the 4th quarter if we are clearly winning.

    • Bobbygusc


      ” i will miss the last half of the 4th quarter if we are clearly winning.” YOU NEED TO MISS THE WHOLE GAME! STAY AT HOME & WATCH IT ON TV THAT WAY THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO TRAFFIC OR WAITING!

    • KatieV

      Oh, grow up. It’s a mile walk to campus and one I made going both ways every home game for the last four years. That’s part of football, and not an excuse to leave early. And I never had ANY trouble with cars during my walk. Maybe don’t tailgate all day. Or better yet, stay in the tailgating area instead of wasting a space in the stadium. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket, you should respect that and stay with your team.

  • Kim Trout

    If a student leaves before the end of the game, they
    should lose their privileges to attend future games…that should solve the
    problem :-)

    • Get real lady

      Good call. Next time a student at a football game gets called in to work so they can wait tables at the restaurant your family will eat at after the game, let’s punish them for the rest of their time at USC. Hope your kids are the first ones that happens to.

      • Bobbygusc

        That’s right because ALL the students are waiting tables! Give me a break! Maybe if you have to work gameday let someone who WILL stay have the ticket! It is embarrassing that these students let down the team & the school! Look at Seattle Seahawks, THE LOUDEST STADIUM EVER! The fans there know what a “12th” man can do. Quit protecting your baby & let them grow up and answer for their actions. If you don’t stay no tickets! Maybe they should be charged for tix. I wonder if they’d stay then! Oh and by the way my grandson is a student and works but he knows that if he has to work don’t take a ticket away from someone who can stay the whole game!

        • Get real lady

          I believeI said “getting called in to work” not “was scheduled to work and decided to take a ticket anyway”. I guess it’s been awhile since you’ve been a poor collegestudent. Sometimes shit happens especially on football Saturdays. I also don’t remember suggesting that every student left because they had to work. I was simply pointing out that sometimes things happen and students have to leave. I don’t think that is cause to deny those students a ticket for the rest of their collegecareer.How sad is it that your grandson, who probably gets offereda student ticket once in a blue moon has to pass on attending a football game because he has to work and will ridiculed for leaving early by a bunch of “fans” who seem to forget that the University of South Carolina stands for more than just a football team.

          • tony the tiger

            They all got called in to work?

          • Get real lady

            I see literacyis not one of your strong suits. I believeI stated twice that I was not implying that every student left to go to work. Simplythat there are circumstances where students may need to leave early and shouldn’t forfeit their right to a football ticket for the remainder of their time at Carolina because of it. Please don’t skim my post and leave some ignorant reply

  • Colonel Sanders

    Love the quote “south carolina may be dominating the series on the field, but Clemson students own the stadium battle”. hate to burst your bubble but you may want to check the record books. Pat yourself on the back for your little run, but remember, Clemson owns USC; both on the field and in the student section.

    • jack

      I’m pretty sure he’s not talking about the overall record, just recent memory. USC has won the past few years.

    • Jennifer

      Yea.. he’s definitely talking about recent history. Yes, USC has a long way to go. It’s hilarious that you guys feel the constant need to point that out.

  • tanneyhill’s mullett

    Coots….you know what the SEC means to a Gamecock fan? SOMEONE ELSE’S CHAMPIONSHIP! GO DAWGS!!

  • jason2

    I can truly say this is why I’m a Clemson fan. I’m from the state so I had to choose a side right? Just visiting both schools you can see and feel a difference. South Carolina has come a long way and I enjoy watching them but I could care less to ever attended a game at Williams Brice in Columbia.

  • Kenny
  • SCcoed13

    I absolutely agree with the sentiments of this article. My husband and I have season tickets, come out as soon as the gates open to our parking spot in the fairgrounds to tailgate, and stay until after the Alma Mater is sung at the end of the game. It would not occur to us to leave early, either @ halftime for “a little liquid refreshment” or “early to beat the traffic”.. When we first came to Columbia in 2004,and I attended my first Gamecock game, I was appalled at the nasty stadium, the filthy restrooms, the band that couldn’t be heard even if you were sitting next to them. I could not believe this was an SEC venue. Although I am not a Steve Spurrier fan (I bleed Garnet and Gold), he has done more for this school, this football program, the entire athletic department, and has given the university community a program to be proud of that had existed in the past. I enrolled at USC in the fall of 2009. One of the first things I noted was that there was no student spirit apparent. Back where I come from, the day before the upcoming game, every student, and many faculty members, proudly wore their school colors, and the game was the topic of most conversations outside the classroom. It was not important to wear the little black dress with cowboy boots (ugh!) or any other dress that approximated garnet and black (usually at least one size too small ) with full makeup, jewelry, and something to drink in their hands . THE PURPOSE OF ATTENDING A GAME IS TO CHEER FOR YOUR TEAM FROM BEGINNING TO END! After four years, I am convinced that too many students just want to play southern ladies and gentlemen, and football is just another venue to see and be seen. Real football fans know what a tailback is, and don’t snicker when someone says “tight end”. Real football fans appreciate not only every player on the field, and how they contribute to the game, they appreciate the new “Sound of the Southeast”, the band that has improved a thousand-fold, and who play their hearts out non-stop for the entire game.

    I agree with Ron Morris in that the game takes entirely too long to play because of the millions of commercials, but that’s still no excuse to leave early.

    Students: if you don’t want to support your team 100%, go to a party elsewhere,and leave the student tickets for those who want to be there to support the Gamecocks.

    I am graduating in December with a BA in History…I am proud to be a Gamecock, and will continue to support them. I only hope that, at some point, the current crop of students grows out of their infantile behavior, and realize what a great opportunity they are squandering.

    • Real Carolina

      Maybe you should have stayed “back where you came from”. I think anyone who comes on to a public forum and talks shit about our band, our stadium and our students shouldn’t be elligible for graduation. If our facilities, programs and students aren’t good enough for you then maybe our degree isn’t either. So you didn’t bother getting a degree at the university “back where you come from” so you’re going to come here and get one, call yourself a loyal Gamecock and then talk trash? Maybe you should open your history book and do a little reading on a man named Benedict Arnold.

      • SCcoed13

        Dear Real Carolina,obviously you did not major in English or Journalism at USC, or you would realize that, rather than “trashing” the University, I pointed out the improvements that have been made in the past several years. I was not aware that constructive criticism is considered “talking trash”. As for my degree, I am proud to study under some of the finest professors in the South, and have worked very hard to obtain my degree. That said, I also believe the supporting the university athletic teams is an important part of one’s college education. BTW, your “Benedict Arnold” statement, besides being out of context, does not apply. If I had said I preferred Clemson to USC, your analogy would have been closer to correct.

        • Real Carolina

          You pointed out one stated that the band has improved. Other than that quotesfrom you include”nasty stadium”, “filthy restrooms”, “band that couldn’t be heard”,”could not believethis was an SEC venue”, “no student spirit apparent”, you also went on to critique the way we dress “cowboy boots (ugh!)”,”garnetand black(usually one size too small)”and accused our students of “infantile behavior”. Don’t get your grannypantiesin a twist at me lady, you wrote it and anyonecan see it. You got my point so my reference must not have been too far out of context. :) I suppose if you consider Clemson to be USC’s only rival you may consider my reference irrelevant but I’m pretty sure any true Carolina fan would not agree that that’s the case. Anyways, glad to hear that our “nasty stadium” and “filthy restrooms” are now up to your standards. Also thrilled to know you’re not an education major if this is your idea of “constructive critism”. Good luck with that history degree.

          • SCcoed13

            USC’s Student Section Is an Embarrassment was the subject of this public forum. I addressed the original article with my opinions based on years of observation at games in the SEC, ACC, Big Ten and Big East among others, as is my right under the protection of the 1st Amendment. I did not, however, bash, trash or otherwise disparage any single particular person in voicing my opinion. I gave high praise to what the football program has accomplished under Coach Spurrier, which includes cleaning up the W-B. I gave props to the current band, under the direction of Dr. Rebecca Phillips, who perform great pregame, halftime, and post game music. I did not direct any vituperative language toward any person involved. To reiterate, I expressed my opinion as to why some people may choose to leave at half time. I have yet to see you address that forum thread; instead you choose to trash me personally, want to “send me back where I came from” where, as far as you know might be Moncks Corner. You want to withhold my degree from the University because my opinion does not concur with yours. And lastly, you are worried about my “grannie panties” in a twist. As I have attempted to conduct a civil discussion of the subject to people – not just students – leaving games early and have received nothing from you but nastiness and name calling, (as is your first amendment right) I chose to no longer respond to your uncivil diatribes. I take full responsibility for the opinion I initially expressed, which is that students should remain until the end of the game, and sing the Alma Mater. I will respectfully receive my BA in History, with honors, on December 16. Here’s a health, Carolina, forever to thee.

          • Real Carolina

            In fairness to you I have retreadmy statements severaltimes and have yet to find one instance where I called you a name. I never at any point impliedthat you should be deniedyour first ammendment rights nor did I ask for an invitation to your graduation on Dec. 16th. :) I’m thrilled that your football viewing is so diverse. I’ve attended a number of games in other conferences myself,I’m also aware of who the currentdirector of bands is so I may not be quite as impressed or intimidated by your ramblings as you had hoped.My suggestion that you remainwhere you came from was obviously based off of my confusion as to why someone who came from a location with an obviously superior football program with students who worship playerslike the gods that they are would chooseto leave and come to SC with our “nasty stadium” that one can’t even believeis an SEC venue and our “infantile behavior”. Instead of gettingso distraught over my comments, just take them as “constructive critism” that some of your comments, namelyevery one I quoted you on earlier, could be construed as “trashing, bashing and disparaging” our university.

          • therage

            USC students in GENERAL are some of the most SELFISH brats PERIOD. The majority seem to only want to 1)Get Drunk 2)Get Laid 3)Get an easy degree so they can go back and run Dah-Dees Biz!. Very, VERY few are involved or show interest in anything that doesn’t revolve around THEM!.

      • Real Carolina

        Here’s a little Gamecock history for you…do you know WHY the marching band has improved “a thousand fold” since 2004? Because when our football team actually started winning games the university began financially compensating band members. Prior to that those kids got out there an worked just as hard and played just as loud as they do now. Only now, there are a hell of a lot more of them because they’re getting MONEY for their efforts. Peanuts for the time and effort they put but still a hell of a lot more than those 2004 band members you’re so “constructivelycritiquing” were getting.

  • Eric

    Lol at all the pickens county tech fans… Glad you could climb out of our shadow and let ppl know your football program still exsists. And on the tajh note.. Well… enough said to ez.

  • Winter is Coming

    Rixon Lane is an embarassment…I remember when he wrote a whole article saying that summer football practice was more important than the summer olympic games. thats when i stopped taking this kid seriously

  • slumdog

    Well, if you can spell your name, you can get into Carolina. So, what do you expect?
    It’s fine with me. Let them get wiped out (blind drunk) and leave. Can’t believe what Mike Davis had to say, despite the obvious facts. He apparently has the IQ of a light bulb, or is trying to justify his terrible decision to sign with Carolina.

  • Henry Beach

    Coots only have a 4 year memory that is called selective memory, or coot logic at it’s best. They never want to hear about any history that goes any further back than 4 years. With the logic they use, our 4 straight wins over them 8 times never happen. That gives them a winning record over Clemson. If their selective memory makes them feel better, well bless their hearts. As long as none of them ever google Clemson and South Carolina rivalry in Wikipedia. They will never learn they have a very dismal record hiding behind their selective memory logic. I bet that some already have, and they are keeping it a secret. ROFLMAO @ them.

  • chris

    my dad has season tickets and we sit up higher. i would love to be in the student section and unlike half of them I stay for the whole game.

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  • Gene Taylor

    I am a native South Carolinian and a Tennessee alumnus. I have lived in SC my entire life except for my years at UT. In my opinion the Gamecock football program and it’s fans are an embarrassment to our state.